Welcome to the navy !

To learn how make scales models goes progressively, from the easier to the more difficult. The whole scales models of the ships you can see below is made from a meticulous and from a long patience.

Little by little, the work, carried by the passion, becomes a game.

Here for you :

- HMS Victory, English flagship with 101 canons - scales 1/100°.

Smaragd  sailing ship - 1m40 long with a remote control.

- Seabex One  school navy.
If you take apart the deck, you can admire the mechanicals and electrical parts who make the ship go on.
When it sails, pumps on the right, on the left and on stern throw water to one metre.
The crane moves around the engine, with an arrow and a hook.
The lighting and the helicopter complete harmoniously the whole.
All the movements are remote-controlled.

- Finaly the Amerigo Vespucci   famous school ship of the Italian Navy.

  - 2,02 m long - scale 1/50°

    Unique piece made from the original plans of the real ship. All the parts have been handmade.

Amerigo Vespucci 1/50°

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